Logos is making a call for everyone to put their blog on your blogroll.

And they’ve found the best way for Bible students and scholars to do it:

Free books.

So go check out their post and definitely put them on your blogroll!

And I’ve had them on my roll from the beginning!

10 thoughts on “FREE BOOKS!

  1. I’ve got them on my blogroll already however I didn’t get the impression that they were offering free books in return. I thought they were just saying that if they get more exposure it will help support them releasing more content. Ie. more revenue=more business=more resources for sale. Hope I’m wrong though.

  2. In comments on Nick’s blog it sounds like they changed the original wording or something. Apparently I missed that part.

  3. What!? No wonder Mike broke the “no caps rule” in his post title. $150 would be enough to buy myself a copy of Logos I think?

    And curse you for mentioning the screen shot before me as I just popped back over here to mention that. I recognized the color scheme and since it wasn’t mine I figured it was Mike’s.

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